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Informational Flood Rules Punishment Guidelines and Basis

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by counter, Jul 29, 2018.

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  1. counter

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    Feb 21, 2015
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    This thread covers some of the basic outlines on how we expect our Flood staff to perform when it comes to punishing players. As this is a rough guideline, it should not be the only source to carrying punishments. We expect you to use your own judgement in situations in order to fairly and effectively carry out your position entrusted by the higher Flood administration.

    Enforcing Server Rules

    Unless the server itself is in immediate danger or the player is causing large disturbance that needs to be quickly irradiated, follow this simple rule:

    Warn → Kick → Ban

    • Warning Players
    When dishing warnings out to players: please try to be nice about it. Avoid immediately dishing out kicks or bans if a player is breaking a server rule, politely inform them that they are currently breaking a rule and to not do it again.

    Common rule breaks like trucing and prop farming should fall under that guideline. If the player repeats the same offense next round, warn them. However, rules like harassment or prop minging are usually done intentionally and should be taken less mercifully. This is where warning them without confrontation would be most appropriate.

    Additionally, you should in no way favor individual players, especially VIPs, or players that you have a relationship with.

    • Multiple Infractions
    In acts of where a player has multiple infractions, the fairest approach would be awarding a more lengthy ban based on repeated offenses if the player shows obvious incompetence to learn from such actions.

    IE: Player has 5 infractions previously and is seen breaking the rules yet again. The previous infractions weren't enough for the player to learn from their actions. Giving a harsher, yet fair punishment is the right choice.

    A permanent ban should only be used if the player is causing major disturbances to the community and/or its players.
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  2. counter

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    Feb 21, 2015
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    LAST UPDATED – December 11th, 2017
    STAFF REVISION – July 29th, 2018


    [01] . . . . . Do not minge or sabotage. This includes but is not limited to:

    This rule is usually broken with intent, so be less merciful, state a clear warning and if the player continues, kick them from the server. If the player returns and repeats such actions in a short timeframe, Ban the player.

    This ban should be around 1-3 days on a first offense and doubled for every repeated actions.


    [02] . . . . . Do not prolong the round by any means.

    If you see players deliberately prolonging the round warn them using the warn command. Then slay them and refer them to the rules if they refused to comply and continue to break the rule. If the player continues to break that rule, kick them from the server.

    If the player comes back and repeats said actions again within a short timeframe, Ban them for an hour to a day based on the severity of the situation.


    This is a very important rule that we want all aspiring applicants and staff to carefully analyze:
    [03] . . . . . No trucing under ANY circumstances.
    This is a cumbersome and controversial rule that most players break and should be analyzed very carefully. Before you're sure that these individuals are indeed trucing, check your surroundings. Self preservation is allowed but cannot be predetermined and communicated on any cross team strategies nor within close proximity.

    Trucing via communications
    If you see players having a "I won't shoot you if you don't shoot me" agreement, warn them that they will get punished as it is a clear indication of trucing.

    Trucing within close proximity
    If you see that players appear to be cluttered together, usually within a 1 room radius, inform them that they must attack each other to ensure fair gameplay for the rest of the players.

    However, close proximity does not automatically mean trucing. While it may be close, do not simply determine trucing if the two teams/people in question are close together but shooting at different targets. It's a possibility that they naturally drifted close by and didn't see each other.

    Self Preservation
    Trucing is often hard to come by and mistaken when it comes to self preservation. While it may seem like they're within close boundaries or predetermined strategies by attacking a single boat, it is usually done to eliminate the highest threat; in other words, shooting the person closest to you is not always the probable solution. You could end up with 2 different players attacking you if you ignore whoever's shooting you first.

    To make sure that they are indeed self preserving, make sure that it isn't the same players on the next round. If you see both of these players on multiple instances (rounds), it is safe to say that they're trucing.

    For mostly all 3 of these cases:

    • Warn or inform them via communications first (Express your concerns via communications first to better understand the situation).
    • If they still appear to be trucing again, warn them again to make sure that it is not simply accidental.
    • If it is finally clear that they are doing it again (most likely deliberately), warn (via command) and/or slay them.
    • If they decide to do it again, kick them from the server and ban them for an hour to a day if they did it again depending on the deliberateness of the situation.

    However, this rule entirely up to your discretion as every situation has different circumstances. If you are unsure about this please directly ask, @Sotori or @Dawson for help.


    [04] . . . . . No spamming of any kind.

    • If the player is spamming the text chat, mute them for a phase or round (around 5-7 minutes).
    • If the player is spamming on voice chat, gag them for a phase or round (around 5-7 minutes).
    On both of these cases, warn the player. If the player continues to spam after their mute/gag expires, kick them from the server. If the player returns to repeat the action again, give them an hour to a day ban based on the severity of the situation.

    [05] . . . . . Do not deliberately disrespect, discriminate against or offend players.

    Before going about the situation, don't get too upset if a player seems to be joking around. However if you or another player is personally offended by this, tell the player to stop regardless and inform them that they are offending players and that Devinity strives for a friendly environment.

    If the player continues to do this after a stern warning, kick them from the server. If they return and continue to harass players, ban him for 1-7 days based on the extremity of the disrespect.

    If the player threatens to DDoS, expose personal information or anything to the likes, permanently ban him regardless of the punishment policy.

    [06] . . . . . Do not exploit and/or encourage the use of any glitches, hacks, or bugs.

    Glitches and bugs can be handled to the same light. If the player is using these to their advantage, tell the player to stop otherwise he will be banned then report the glitch/bug to Bayrock or Donkie on discord. You may also create an issue on our GitHub respiratory. This of the few scenarios where a kick is not deemed necessary.

    [07] . . . . . Do not attempt to harm the server by any means.

    If the player is attempting or threatening to crash/harm the server, ban them permanently. If you are a Junior Moderator and are not able to permanently ban the player, ask a Moderator with some form of evidence.

    [08] . . . . . Do not encourage the infraction of rules or loopholes.

    Warn and refer the player to the rules that if they continue doing this, they will be punished,. If they refused to stop, kick them from the server. If they still refuse to stop, ban them for 1-3 days depending on the situation.

    If you are unsure of this, contact an Admin. If the player refuses to acknowledge that this is a loophole, tell them to discuss it on a thread on then forums. Until the issue is settled, continue to enforce that rule.

    [09] . . . . . Do not intentionally interfere/inhibit staff from conducting moderation.

    If the player is preventing you from carrying moderation, politely ask them to stop. If they continue interfering, kick them, then ban them.

    If you feel like any VIP members were banned just by these rules, contact a current administrator or @Sotori as we will handle the situation accordingly.

    [10] . . . . . Do not utilize thrusters for:

    Warn the player responsible for the thrusters and ask them to stop, if they refuse to stop or they ignore you, kick them from the server. If they still choose to do this, ban them for 1-4 days based on the situation.

    [11] . . . . . Do not use your noclip privileges to annoy/pester other users.

    Use your head when it comes to this case, but generally warn, kick, then ban for 1-4 days based on the situation and your own judgement.

    [12] . . . . . Do not abuse/spam your voting privileges. This includes but is not limited to:

    This is a serious issue and can jeopardize our playerbase depending on which vote was casted. If you see a player abusing their voting privileges while you are on the server, use the !endvote command and tell them not to and is solely responsible for whatever comes to play.

    If they continue to do this, kick them from the server. And if they still continue, ban them for 1-5 days depending on the severity of the situation.

    We encourage players to not be afraid to ask around for any type of help whether it'd be on our forums, servers or discord chat. We strive to create a friendly environment for all players to feel at home regardless of background.

    Help links:

    The staff and management team of Devinity reserve the right to final judgement in cases of administration and/or server-related decisions.
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