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Paint the flood waters red with blood? (Yes Hard Mode)

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    Get it? Flood to Blood. Funny joke.

    This thread is mainly a redux of @jeffreythe00's Hard Mode Idea. I spoke to @Bayrock in the discord a little about revisiting the idea and he said to make a thread so here we are. Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about balancing the game mode to make it easier for new players to assimilate and adapt. At the same time, it would also be super beneficial if we could similarly devise a way to keep old players coming back too. Surely there has to be a way to balance this scale without overcompensating and tipping it in favor of either old or new. While I do believe the community's main focus should be to prop and weapon configuration (see @Viral's most recent thread), I also feel Jeff's plan could be optimal for finding this balance. Now I have several new ideas regarding Hard Mode, but I don't want to get too into it until Bayrock reads this thread and speaks on the feasibility of all this. After all, its quite possible this would require just too much work and code to be worth the result. For now, this is a basic rundown:

    The Risks
    • Damage Dealt is multiplied by .35* (Open for debate, but that was the originally discussed percentage)
    • Water Damage is increased (any ideas? 50%, Double, Triple?)
    • Players will be made aware you have hard mode on: similar to predator missile it will appear in the chat & an icon will be displayed next to you on the leaderboards
    The Rewards
    • Cash per round will be multiplied and added (I was thinking anywhere from .25-.35 So if you make $3,000 regular it'll earn you $3,750-$4,050)
    • Exclusive cosmetics (skins, hats, accessories)
    • Exclusive achievements to continue leveling (I still have a huge list of potential achievements we could use for this and they aren't complicated)
    What would this really change?

    Well, more experienced players would be inclined to activate it to try and grind achievements and earn the skins. As a result, they will win less rounds, earn around the same per round (thanks to cash multiplier), and the newer players will be given a better chance at winning to one day try it themselves. (The required level to toggle Hard Mode would be around 75*)
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