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Important Staff Application Guidelines

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by counter, Nov 5, 2018.

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    This thread serves as a rule book and informative guide for applicants and community members alike. Any exceptions or circumstances will be marked with an asterisk (*)

    General Policy
    • All applicants who are interested in becoming staff are allowed to apply without restrictions.*
    • Evaluation can take up to 10 days before the staff team makes a decision as a whole. During this time, we expect applicants to partake in discussions and get involved in any medium they can to become familiar with community members and staff.
    • On rare occasions, applications can be marked "On Hold" if we feel like there should be more time to evaluate your application or candidacy but shouldn't be postponed for longer than 4 days.
    • Equally if the admin team feels that a vote should be held before the 10 day limit then they can decide to do this.
    • Denied applicants should wait at least 10 days to reapply again.*
    • Denied applicants are allowed to ask why they were denied and shouldn't be ignored in any form of communication, ideally ask a current administrator or @Sotori so that a variety of people can be asked for feedback.
    • Applications must be made in English, and as such must require the applicant to understand and speak English fluently or to a certain extent.
    • The use of a translator to answer any scenario is prohibited. If you need to use one to understand a question, you may do so.
    • Applicants are allowed to ask how they fair well in their application or the community.**
    • Applicants are free to request for any assistance regarding their application. (preferably things that helps them improve the structure if they desire to, whether it'd be translation requests, scenario help, etc.)
    • Applicants are discouraged but free to copy their previous application onto their current one in areas where feedback hasn't been given.
    • Applicants are free to close their application at any time during the process upon request.
    Posting Feedback
    Feedback should always be used as a basis for improvement, not a form of discouragement.***
    • All forms of feedback should be posted in a constructive and respectful manner.
    • Feedback should generally not be discouraging in any way.
    • Feedback should be based on some or all of these following factors:
      • Character
      • Community Involvement (i.e: forums, discord, conferences)
      • Server Activity
    • Be reasonably thorough and elaborate with your responses in parts where it's applicable (as to why this person should or should not become staff).
      • You are free to make personal comments when supporting applicants but you must also directly state the reason why you decided to give them that vote.
      • If you are neither supportive or non-supportive (neutral vote) but wish to post on their application, you must state what their current flaws are and introduce ways to improve those flaws.
      • Only use -1 or -support or whatever if you believe the applicant is demonstrating extremely poor behavior that reflects against our morale (i.e: harassing players/staff, overall being rude).
      • Refrain from using colors.
    • The voting process should not be directly influenced by the applicant's history or affiliations from other gaming communities. ****
    • The voting process should not be directly influenced by scenarios.*****
    • Do not ask applicants to revise their scenarios.*****
    • Respect and value each others opinions. If you have any issues, speak to a current administrator or @Sotori.
    • Feedback is not limited to just staff members; we encourage all community members to get involved!
    * However, we reserve the right to restrict certain members from applying or posting in staff applications for an indefinite amount of time if we feel they are being disruptive.
    ** Just be informed that pestering our staff isn't going to make the voting process any faster and will likely cause us to reconsider your eligibility.
    *** Posting in applications is not limited to just player feedback (discussions are allowed), however you should use proper judgement to determine whether or not it's appropriate to do so. Community members and applicants alike are free to post [or respond to posts] if they wish to clarify something up.
    **** Unless in the case of permanent or anti-cheat related bans dating less than 3-6 months old depending on the context of that ban.
    ***** Unless if it falls [heavily] against our rules guideline (which we heavily encourage applicants to derive their responses from to become more familiar with the server rules). You are free to discuss about it however. Generally you should primarily focus on who the applicant is as a character and most importantly if they get involved in community initiatives as a whole.
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