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    Hello. Here, I am going to post down all the errors and suggestions which I have piled up over the previous days.

    Firstly, I'd like to introduce you to the problems on the Pirate round. Now, we all know that pirate round is a pretty interesting event as it is unique in its own way. But, I feel like this experience is being limited by the inability to move around during the shooting phase and it seems that our current solutions are either to add more Harpoons or modify the fire extinguisher's thrust force (only for that event). This is because from what I've seen throughout the several pirate events is that, after the 2~3 minute mark in the pirate round, we see a very slow paced, boring match where around 3 teams are struggling to move despite their efforts using the fire extinguishers. Now let's look at the other possible sources of movement. Thrusters and motors. Both are relatively good for movement and steering, but are they gonna last for the entire round? Probably not. Considering all the cannons and explosions, the chances are that the motor/thruster had either sunk or been destroyed. It seems that adding more harpoons or increasing the thrust force of the fire extinguisher is the best idea.

    Secondly, I've noticed that the sledgehammer was nerfed in the pirate round. I've expected a nerf.... But not up to this degree. It felt as if you were trying to become blizzard by nerfing all their Overwatch Heros. I feel around 5-10 damage will be sufficient. Also, just to throw this out, maybe add a new melee/projectile type weapon which damages other players (shuriken, knife, etc).

    Third major point is the welfare system. Now, it seems that the free props are gone. Well, the fundamental part of the free props. I think you can just remove the metal bars from the game, I find it useless, moreover, I don't really see anyone using it. Anyways, I've also realized that the "welfare system" is gone as well. I have recently seen quite a few people go down to as low as 17$ and they were given no automated payments, aka, from the welfare system. Of course, I and Zoppa were there to help. It seems that this is still being discussed and is also a concern to others as well. However, I feel like something is needed temporarily to replace the role of the welfare system.
    Also, I remember proposing an idea which involved a community vote on whether if we should keep the welfare system, free props and etc but could I get information on what happened?

    The fourth suggestion is to add tweaks to some of the commands. Now, I've already requested for /r for replying back PM's but that doesn't seem like it is going well :/ I also want to request for a /needhelp command or something relative. This is to help staff find the person who is seeking support as maybe, this command will highlight the player requesting help (only for staff). I do not have much objection if you disagree, so I am not really going to bother explaining why. Another command/tweak is to stop others from touching your props during events such as team event and juggernaut, etc. This could be done in two ways; by completely restricting other people from grabbing the boat, or by adding a command which restricts certain players from holding it.

    Fifth suggestion. New event. Although, I still recommend adding the 'tower' event. I've thought about Humans vs Vampires. There are few events which resemble this; the juggernaut and zombie event. In the zombie event, its focus on killing and surviving from zombies whilst also focusing on destroying other people's boats. In the jugg event, a large group of players are focused on shooting at a small group of players with buffed health and damage. Thus, in this game mode "Humans vs Vampires" or "Vampires" for short, I'd like to implement the two ideas from jugg and zombies and combine them into one. In the vampire event, there will be mostly humans (1 team) whilst 1 person is selected as "The vampire king" and 1 selected as "Vampire Queen" (if there are enough people). This player is given an increased amount of health, infinite lives and climbing ability to catch players that are too high in the air. Basically, the vampire king must then create "vampire servants" by "sucking the blood" aka hitting the humans. This, in turn, will give the vampire king more health limit, quicker speed. I've Also thought about whether if the vampire king can have a specific perk which allows him to go berserk, or maybe go berserk when he's low on health, but I am not sure yet. I am also not sure how to make it so that it isn't too easy for the vampire king to hit people. I've thought about implementing the idea of the "tower event" into this as well and make the whole human team create a huge tower (without noclip so that it is actually climbable). If the vampire king doesn't get everyone until the end of the round then, humans win. There are many tweaks which are needed to this idea, but overall I feel like it may be enjoyable.

    Newly Added:
    Sixth Suggestion. Making the Chat colour command --> ^ <-- permanent instead of one use. I'm pretty sure others would like to keep it that way as well for convenience.

    I'm sorry for all the stress I caused :tired: , especially to Donkie, Bayrock and Counter. I'm like piling you with suggestions :no_mouth:
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    I do agree that the pirate round gets a bit stale in itself and that it needs to have faster progression. I do agree with your idea of needing faster mobility, but I feel like the current setup of the extinguisher and harpoon is good enough. However, here's the catch ;) I've had an idea a few months ago about having a hurricane or tsunami of sort, stated in this GitHub issue. Basically, on the 1:30 mark (whatever you want it set), the water would 'swirl' around, slowly pulling all props, entities (chests included) and players to the center of the map. I feel like this would be a better alternative and would encourage/incentivize/force players to fight, otherwise it'd be round delaying. I feel like motors should and I agree with you, be more powerful during the pirate event—thrusters, not so much.

    Overall, the idea is really good, maybe we could add in like 1-2 more harpoons, maybe increase the fire extinguisher's power if @Donkie is up for that. Water pulling boats to the center of the map would also be a good idea.

    The way the current sledgehammer for pirate is setup is that the critical chance is very high, but yeah I agree it's not enough. 10 damage would be good but I believe the critical chance has to be notched down by a tad.

    Yes, I want welfare system added back. Before, we had a crazy prop configuration list where every prop was expensive and we forced players into being preservative/creative which resulted in the welfare system being removed. Looking back, it wasn't such a good idea adding free props because it really did inflate the economy. 'Veteran' players kept on abusing the system and I have a distaste for this 'system' overall. The welfare system being abused was another factor why it got removed as players would exploit the system, giving their friends cash everytime they get a check which resulted in a 24hr cooldown system which isn't really good either. Luckily enough, I made a GitHub issue regarding this matter a month ago and I think it's pretty solid on what I have here. Welfare system would be added back, but the cooldown would be removed, instead of giving players $5000, it would give them $2000 instead if they have less than $1000 on their wallet and here's the big part: players would be restricted from giving money or purchasing/selling tokens for 24-48 hours which is like a minor revision to the 24hr check cooldown but much better. As the welfare system would get abused regardless, it's not really major since the player would have to wait for a while everyday to get $2000, lol :D

    I don't think a poll would be necessary since I believe this idea flows out better than the rest. Not trying to discourage any of you guys from posting suggestions, but we could always provide better alternatives in giving welfare-like checks to players.

    I think Donkie really liked the reply (/r) idea since you dont have to type the players name again, even if its in characters out of english. /needhelp was actually discussed in this GitHub issue and is a good idea. For events, yeah I believe players should be able to opt-out on propshare from other players, but they also wouldn't be able to touch other props for that round, so it doesn't become as abused. For example, you minge someone's boat and you turn off propshare so they won't be able to mess with yours either, that kind of scenario. I'm sure there are others you can think about.

    I feel as if this event is just a duplicate of other events, like you've said haha. While I really like your idea, I feel like there should be something more new, or innovative ones like the suicide barrels @Decap has been stressing out, or Battle Royale which are unique and new ideas. I think events are going to be added soon after Donkie is finished with finalizing everything with flood. If he feels that flood is complete, I believe he'll start working on events. I have a feeling that would come soon after the new weapon system & map releases, so I'm pretty hype about that :) Let's just be aware that it might take him some time to code stuff, so we shouldn't overburden him with stuff. :blush:

    EDIT: Actually, scratch what I said about it being a duplicate event. I think this would go very well with the boss idea we had.
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    Yes ... There is one more suggestion. Can you make sure that other players can not touch your stuff at events (Team event for example), some kind of command, for example / del all, which would not allow other players to touch your prop in the current round.
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    No offense @counter, but I stressed about a lot of changes that were needed when I was active here. One of the reasons a left (albeit not a major one) is because 90% of my and other people's great suggestions were shelved and never developed. Numerous event ideas gone to waste, never to be implemented. Maps there were started on but never completed. We are still on the same map that we had when I first joined years ago, although it may have been updated slightly, it's still the same map. Sure there have been some updates since I left, some new things added, but by then it was to late for me. I'm not mad or upset about it either, I know there's reasons why it never happened. But it was definately frustrating at the time. I hope some of these ideas actually get implemented though and if by chance some of my older ideas do as well, that would be great to know about.
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