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March Suggestion/Feedback List

Discussion in 'Feedback & Support' started by Wolfgang, Feb 29, 2016.


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  1. Wolfgang

    Wolfgang Veteran Member Platinum VIP

    May 27, 2015
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    I know it's not March quite yet but the leap year is throwing my schedule off. First off I'd like to state that this month's list will largely reflect the new update and the previous threads. Honestly I think we pushed the new update a bit too soon and it's going to be biting us in the ass (already kinda has.)

    1- Missing Materials -This problem has already been brought up but is still a pain since it wasn't entirely fixed. While I believe Counter found a way to individually fix the problem, that's not going to be enough. There's not enough of us to sit on every server helping out every individual person. My personal suggestion, which has already been brought up in slack, was to make a hint that reads, "Hint: Still missing materials? Type !Workshop in chat for a direct link." This command would work a lot like the !forums and the !motd command in which players could easily subscribe to a content pack that we make. The content pack would include the new player models and if necessary the weapons.

    2- Predator Missile -Before I ramble on about the glitch and such I'd like to suggest that we take the missile off the market entirely until it's fixed. Clearly the glitch has something to do with a problem in getting unfrozen, the only thing that makes me weary is that it hasn't happened to everyone. After consulting both Decap and Dawson about this I've come up with the theory that it could be the way the 'unfreeze process' is interacting with certain props or as Decap said possibly weapons. If given the permission I'd be happy to hop on with someone (we'd need free pred. missiles though) and test it out on them while they stand on different props.

    3- SMG -Rollie and I have really been pushing for this, and I've come up with a solution. @Donkie I remember you saying an upgrade option would be hard to code...what if player's spawn with the original SMG we had and when they gain enough money, they could right click and hit the upgrade button. Clicking the button wouldn't actually upgrade you're gun but replace it entirely with the current SMG, making it seem like it was upgraded but it fact just giving them a complete new weapon.

    4- Medieval Round -This kind of got forgotten so I'd just like to touch on it again.
    5- Give Vote Kick/Vote Ban to everyone -How does paying money qualify someone to choose who gets banner or kicked, and while we have the option for everybody to post a ban request, the harm is usually already done and many people fail to obtain screenshots. Even if you guys are weary about giving them the option of a vote ban, I still think it'd be smart to institute the vote-kick for everyone. Even if vote-ban is abused, we could simply unban them after they make an appeal and perma ban whoever abused (we would first state this in the motd of course).

    6- Weapon Strip Glitch - We were playing team round and suddenly all my weapons were stripped from me and were marked as unbought in the store, whilst all I had to do was rejoin the server to get it fixed it's still something that needs to be fixed.

    7- Team Round -I have a theory to what may be causing this glitch, whatever you updated with the teams and HUD etc is now effecting team round. It seems to be choosing a player as the team-leader, and if that player leaves the game...the red/blue team, whichever team the player who had left was on, get's disbanded entirely and any props that were welded together go insane breaking the boat too.

    8- Labyrinth Round -A round where large obstacles form, randomly if possible, and players have to travel around to sink each others boat. Boat motor would be free. I'm not going to go to far into detail because I don't know if this would even be possible coding-wise.

    9- Fortress Round -Prop Limits are turned off, or randomized, buoyancy is changed so that most props float better, weapon damage is doubled or tripled, prop cost is reduced by 50%. I think it's really self-explanatory and coding shouldn't be too hard, also with no add ons there's not much to go on about.
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